The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.

Parishes with Population 1936-37

Parishes with Population


The population is taken from the Catholic Directory of the Archdiocese of Bombay for 1936-37. As stated therein complete accuracy is not vouched for. It should be noted that the population is not all East Indian.


Bombay City

Vicar Forane – Very Rev. D. Remedious


Cathedral, Our Lady of Hope                                                                       790

St. Anne’s Mazagon                                                                                   4780

Gloria, Byculla                                                                                              8342

St. Ignatius, Jacob Circle                                                                            2600

N. S. Saude Cavel                                                                                           159

St. Joeseph’s Colaba                                                                                     488

St. Francis Xavier, Dabul                                                                          18405

Salvacao, Dadar                                                                                           7056

Holy Name, Fort                                                                                           3600

St. Michael’s Mahim                                                                                   2500

Victoria, Mahim                                                                                            1200

Rosary, Mazagaon                                                                                       1502

Holy Cross, Parel                                                                                         2882


Total Bombay                                                                                                             54304



District of  East Salsette

Vicar Forane – Very Rev. Stanislaus Fonseca, Bandra


Our Lady of Lourdes, Kalyan                                                                      532

Our Lady of Egypt, Kolhe Kalyan                                                             1912

Our Lady of carmel, Korlai (Chaul)                                                              421

Holy Cross, Kurla                                                                                        2424

St. Anthony of Lisbon, Mani                                                                       163

St. John the Evangelist, Marol                                                                   1575

St. Sebastian, Maroli                                                                                     378

Our Lady of Health, Sahar                                                                            673

St. John the Baptist, Thana                                                                        1515

Our Lady of the Purification, Uran                                                              337

St. Joeseph, Vikroli                                                                                        593


Total East Salsette                                                                                     10523



District of West  Salsette

Vicar Forane – Very Rev. D. De Sa, Bandra


Our Lady of the Sea, Aldea Mar                                                                  541

St. Blasé, Amboli                                                                                          2050

St. Andrew’s, Bandra                                                                                  5539

St. Peter’s, Bandra                                                                                       2533

Our Lady of Carmel, Bandra                                                                       3126

St. Joeseph, Juhu                                                                                           971

The Assumption, Kandivli                                                                           273

St. Anthony, Malvani                                                                                   943

The Immaculate Conception, Mount Poinsur                                           142

N. S. Dos Remedios, Poinsor                                                                       301

Holy Cross, Santa Cruz                                                                              1,197

Out Lady of Lourdes, Valnai                                                                        444

Out Lady of Health, Versova                                                                     1882


Total West Salsette                                                                                                   19942


Total Salsette                                                                                                              30465



District of Dharavi

Vicar Forane – Very Rev. A. F. Athaide, Uttan


Our Lady of Nazareth, Bhayandar                                                               936

Out Lady of Bethlem, Dongri                                                                     1744

Holy Magi, Gorai and Culvem

Chapel of Sacred Heart, Culvem                                                                1929

N. S. do Sucorro, Manori                                                                           1194

Our Lady of Health, Utan                                                                           2869


Total Dharavi                                                                                                                8674

Total Salsette and Dharavi                                                                                       39139


District of South Bassein

Vicar Forane – Very Rev.P.J. DeLima, Sandore


N. S. Dos Remedios, Douli                                                                         1324

St. Fr. Xavier, Guiriz                                                                                     1306


St. Peter, Kolivada                                                                                       1639

St.Michael, Manikpur                                                                                  1882

Mai de Deus, Pali                                                                                         1446

Out Lady of Grace, Papdi                                                                            2404

St.Thomas the Apostle Sandore                                                               2875

N. S. Dos Merces                                                                                         1382


Total South Bassein                                                                                  14258



District of North Bassein

Vicar Forane – Very Rev. L. A. Pereira, Nandakal


St. James the Greater, Agashi                                                                    1690

St. Peter, Arnala                                                                                             770

The Holy Ghost, Nandakal                                                                        3700

Holy Cross, Nirmal                                                                                       8500


Total North Bassein                                                                                  14660


Total Bassein                                                                                              28918


Grand total                                                                                                122361



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